1. Introduction

As a well integrated company, Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. business processes increasingly go beyond the borders of one country. This globalization demands not only the availability of communication and information systems across the Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. , but also the world-wide processing, sharing and use of multiple types of information .This Policy letter sets forth the general principles which underlie Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. specific practices for collecting, using, disclosing, storing, retaining, disposing, accessing, transferring or otherwise processing Personal Information.

2. Applicability

As a well integrated company, Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. This Policy applies to all Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. personnel, operating units, and wholly owned subsidiaries worldwide and with suppliers/business partners who must act consistently with the principles contained in the policy. The application of these principles is more particularly described in the applicable Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. Corporate Instructions relating to processing Personal Information.

3. Privacy Policy Statement

Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. remains committed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of Personal Information of its Employees, Clients, Client Customers, Business Partners and other identifiable individuals that it may receive, use, access, process, transfer or store as part of its business. Uniform practices for collecting, using, disclosing, storing, retaining, disposing, accessing, transferring or otherwise processing such information assists Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. to process Personal Information fairly and appropriately.

4. How We Use your Data

The personal information we collect may be used to:
• provide information and services as requested by you;
• assess queries, requirements, and process requests for products and services;
• perform client communication, service, billing and administration;
• conduct data analysis;
• assess web site performance and usage analysis;
• maintain leads;
• run marketing or promotional campaigns;
• create brand awareness;
• provide better services and generate demand;have appropriate corporate instructions, guidelines and other measures to be able to demonstrate that Personal Information is used/ stored / processed / retained / disposed / transferred in compliance with applicable law and other applicable guidelines;
• designate an individual or individuals who are accountable for the organization’s compliance with the Privacy principles; and
• ensure the availability of required policies, procedures and contacts for management of personal information; these being reviewed at a minimum annually or as and when there is a change warranted.

B. Fairness and Purpose:

Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. will collect adequate, relevant and necessary Personal Information, and will process such information fairly and lawfully for the purpose it is collected. The purpose of collection will be specified not later than at the time of data collection, or on each occasion of change of purpose.

C. Accuracy:

Cipherfolks IT PVT.LTD. will keep Personal Information as accurate, complete and up-to- date as is necessary for the purpose for which it is processed; and provide appropriate channels for the same.

D. Disclosure and Data Sharing:

Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. will make Personal Information available inside or outside Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. under appropriate circumstances for business purpose only or as authorized by law. This may require Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. to transfer personal information to countries other than Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. operation’s country of business (including transfer to other entities or third parties). Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTd. will implement privacy principles for the use / processing/ transfer / storing/ disposal of personal information as may be prescribed under applicable laws.

E. Cross-Border Data Flows:

When conducting business, working on Company projects, or implementing new processes or systems, an operation may require the transfer of personal information to other entities or third parties that are located outside of the Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. operation’s country of business. While permissible data transfer mechanisms are defined by applicable law or regulation, examples include:
i. a data transfer agreement with the party who will access or obtain the personal information; or
ii. notice to and/or approval from a country’s local data protection authority; or
iii. notice to and/or consent from the individual whose data is to be transferred.

5. Security:

Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. will implement reasonable technical and organizational measures to safeguard Personal Information and instruct third parties processing Personal Information on behalf of Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. to process and manage it in a manner which is consistent with Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. standards (for Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. owned information) or Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. Client standards (for Client information), as may be applicable.

6.Data security

Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. adopts reasonable and appropriate security practices and procedures including administrative, physical security, and technical controls in order to safeguard your Personal Information.

7. Data retention

Personal Information will not be retained for a period more than necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy statement, unless a longer retention period is required by law or for directly related legitimate business purposes.

8. Enforcement and Redressal

Cipherfolks IT Solutions PVT.LTD. will provide appropriate robust mechanisms for assuring compliance with the Principles, and address grievance and / or provide recourse for individuals who are affected by non-compliance with the Principles.

9. Cookies and other technologies

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